More than 25% of the world population suffers from a chronic disease, among them 60% require an individual and personalised treatments. Following those patients, adapting their medication to the evolution of their pathology and improving their quality of life has become a major challenge. Tilak Healthcare is developing a new form of digital medicine : prescribed mobile games used as diagnostic and rehabilitation tools for chronic diseases. Created in 2016, Tilak is a unique video game studio where a team of seasoned game professionals works hand in hand with medical experts in order to offer the best possible experience of digital healthcare.

Job Description :

At the heart of the project, working directly with Edouard - our CEO - the junior producer we are looking for is creative, organised, hard-working, and likes entertainment (video games, movies, music ...) especially when it helps patients. His/Her principal mission will be :
  •  Ensure the quality of the editorial content with the members of the design, arts, programming and medical team.
  • Participate in the elaboration of the macro and micro production management.
  • Contribute to the task distribution and their monitoring.
  • Participate in technological and concurencial monitoring.
  • Play and test (what else ?)

Qualifications :

  • You are a business school student in a gap year or preliminary-hiring
  • You are rigorous and creative
  • You speak English
  • Excel is your friend
  • You have done a video game or series marathon at least once.
  • 6 month of internship with agreement available as soon as possible
  • Competitive salary
Please send your CV along with an email explaining why you think you would be a great fit for Tilak at