At Tilak Healthcare, we create highly engaging clinically validated mobile medical games to help monitor patients with chronic diseases.

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Prescribed by doctors,
used by patients

We develop mobile medical games that are used as monitoring tools for chronic diseases. Tilak's products are fun, engaging, and connect patients remotely to their doctors.
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tilak - healthcare - patient - prescription
tilak - healthcare - patient - prescription

In other words, we build Digital Therapeutics (DTx) that help doctors and that patients love.

Patient safety depends primarily on the quality of the medical products they use. Guaranteeing the effectiveness, control, and maintenance of the quality management system to ensure the compliance of the medical device is therefore essential. Tilak Healthcare's quality management system has been assessed by BSI, one of the world's leading Notified Bodies, and found to comply with the requirements of the international standard ISO 13485:2016.
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Becoming a leader in digital health

We are part of a unique community of e-health companies that are revolutionizing the relationship between patients and healthcare professionals. Fundamentally improving patient's lives and caregiver's monitoring capabilities is what drives us.

Our team is composed of medical experts and seasoned gaming professionals who share a common goal: developing apps that provide a great, long-term experience for patients and clinical value for physicians.
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