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    Paris CDI 10/02/2018

Do you want to be a pioneer
in the mobile medical gaming industry, and revolutionize the healthcare system ?

You Play, We Care.

Today, there are 2.6 billion people around the world playing video games, mostly on mobile devices.
We can use the power of mobile games for the greater good ; to assist, monitor and even heal people.
The key is to provide the user with a high quality gaming experience.
Tilak was born from this idea.

Our vision is simple : to use video games to connect patients and physicians.
A physician prescribes the mobile game, a patient plays the game, and clinical data goes to a dashboard in the clinic.
In this way, patients can be monitored remotely, and the healthcare system becomes more efficient.

The playful nature of video games can transform even the most serious tasks to fun.
With the level of attention to detail here at Tilak, we are crafting experiences never seen before in the medical, or gaming industry.

Join us for the m-health revolution